Kitchen frame Sprinter van (1 of 1).jpg

Building the Kitchen and Sink Cabinets in the Van - Phase 7.1

After knocking out the cabinets on the driver side of the van, we knew a little bit more about cabinetry and framing. So, the kitchen cabinet seemed to be an easier task. The first order of business was to design and build out a frame that would house our water where we it would be accessible. Here is how we did it!

easy plumbing set up (1 of 1).jpg

Cheap and Easy Plumbing set up in the Van - Phase 7.3

Here, Kevin goes over our plumbing set up. It is a cheap and easy plumbing set up for those of you not looking for the commitment of under-mounting some tanks.

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Easy Ways to Add Storage into Your Van build - Phase 7.2

Storage Ottoman, seat, laundry bin, step up... this little guy is all those things. Here, we share some ideas on how we used every "Dead Space" we could for storage.