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Here, we discuss many #vanlife topics such as, 5 tips on How to Camp Free Anywhere, Van Essentials, powering your rig, how to save money on the road. If you can't get into a van, but still wanna live on the road, we have a Subaru adventure rig build out that we road tripped with while we built the van. Check them and more out below.


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Buying a Van in Oz

Buying a used van in Australia is different than the process we are used to in the States.  Here are a few things you should look into before you make a purchase you could potentially regret.

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Free Camp Anywhere

We've all seen the glamorous pics of vans parked in epic locations overlooking an amazing beach or a serene landscape.  While staying overnight in a remote location is very possible in your van, sometimes you have to force an illegal camp in unfriendly areas.  We've put together five ways to help you never receive a ticket and you can sleep soundly with peace of mind.   

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Freeloading with Style

Let's face it. When you're living in your van, you're freeloading off the community's facilities and the government tax dollars.  It's not a bad thing at all.  We lived in Australia, in our van, and only paid $8 dollars the entire time on camping.  We live in our vehicle for the freedom it brings not only on the road, but the economic freedom we have from rent, mortgages, utilities, and other cost that arise while living in a home. Here are some tips to freeloading with style to keep this lifestyle  rolling, literally, for all of us.


Stay Juiced up

One of the most popular questions we get about living in our van is, "How do we power all our electronics?" While there's a few ways to have a power source in your vehicle, it all boils down to your individual needs. We've been through it all.

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$ave on the Road

Traveling can be pretty expensive, especially in countries like Australia and New Zealand. We know the ways to cheap out and still live large, if you’re willing to make a few sacrifices. Follow our 8 step guide to saving cash so you can maximize your holiday and save some serious dough.

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Snagging a NZ Rig

Buying a vehicle in New Zealand is a different experience than it is in the States and even a bit different than in Oz. Know where to look, what to look for, when and where the best time to buy vehicles is, info on registration, and diesel vs petrol (regular unleaded). 


Van Essentials 

Alright, you've found your van and you are ready to hit the road.  While sometimes you can be lucky enough to cop a van with all the bells and whistles and ready to rock and roll, most of the time you'll be purchasing a basic van, with maybe just a bed in it.  This post isn't aimed at how to build out your van. It's more of a guide to help the traveler get their van ready to hit the road on a budget, in a new country.

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Subaru Life

When we returned to the states, we still had feet that would not settle. So being that we have a 2009 Subaru Outback, we built it out to travel and live in until we were finished with our Sprinter Build out. Here, we show how we easily added a removable sleeping platform, as well as, some other accessories to make life on the road more comfortable. As always, budget friendly. 


Damon the Nomad

Our first van purchase was an incredible, life changing experience.  We were lucky enough to buy our van for $800AUD with few mechanical issues.  We learned to simplify our lives and things we once thought we "needed" became unnecessary. We were able to work and save more money like we never had in the past. We never looked back. Thank you Damon. 

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Cheap & Easy #VanLife Food

Even though we are vegan, every time we whip up a meal, people seem to be drooling over it. Most of our meals are very simple, cheap, fast, healthy, and for the most part whole food meals. 


Here are some questions that we get all the time! If you have any questions that we do not touch on, feel free to email us at hello@vankookz.com or shoot us a direct message on Instagram @vankookz