This little country is jam packed with so much grandiose unspoilt scenery, it is mental. As overwhelming as New Zealand's scenery is, knowing where to start in a sea of outdoor New Zealand activities can be just as overwhelming.

Here, we have complied some of our favorites to help you get started. Get out there. If you have wanted to see New Zealand, then the time is now. Get your passport ready and remember traveling is an investment in yourself. You deserve it.     


Buying a vehicle in New Zealand.png

Buying a Van in NZ

Buying a used van in New Zealand is once again a different process than we are used to in the States and in Australia.  Here are a few things you should look into before you make a purchase you could potentially regret. Know when is the best time to buy, what to look for, where to look, and fuel type pros and cons and more. 

Roys Peak.png


While this technically isn't a campsite, it still makes a perfect place to camp. As long as you clean up after yourself and leave absolutely no trace, we will let you in on how we did it.   

Angeles Hut.png

Angelus Hut

There is an extensive hut system in the Nelson Lakes area. So, there are many approaches you can take to this particular hut. We came up Robert's Ridge and it was exactly what we were looking for on our first experince in the South Island. 

Best West Coast activities.png

NZ: Best of the West

New Zealand's West Coast isn't a primary tourist attraction for most travelers, unless your opening up your wallet for expensive heli-rides to the glaciers. If heli-rides aren't in your budget. Don't worry, we got a line up of our favorite 5  West Coast activites. 

Mueller Hut & Mount Cook.png

Hooker Valley Life

Out of all the places we visited in New Zealand, this had to be one of our favorites. New Zealand's Tallest Peak, Mt. Cook lives here and a 5km, 1800 meter climb to Mueller Hut. Two of our New Zealand Favorites. Must see Hooker Valley!

Heather Jock Hut.png

Glenorchy Goods

Trying to hike the Routeburn Trail, but realize so is everyone else in New Zealand? Well we have an lternate Routeburn tramp. It is in the same area, but off the beaten path and this historic hut is free!

Liver Pool.png

Liverpool Hut

One of our favorite hut hikes. This is a first come, first serve bunks in this hut. It is a beautiful and mellow hike to an aggressive last 2 km climb. This hut is worth the hike ten times over. 


Fiordland NP

Where do you even start in this amazing place?  First off, there are three Great Walks on one road. But if you are spontaneous like us and didn't book out Milford Sound Great Walks or Kepler Great Walks 6 months ahead of time like everyone else, don't worry. We got your back.


Arthur's Pass

There is literally so much to do in this area. Arthur's Pass is just 175 kilometers out of Christchurch. This park consist of tons of trails ranging from five day tracks to 30 minute nature walks and is a must do on any South Island NZ itinerary. Check out our favorites!

Tongariro Crossing .png

Walking the "World's Greatest Day-Hike" for free

Do you want to check out some crazy Lord of Rings terrain, but you don't want to avoid shuttle fees and the huge group of unprepared tourist it dumps off? Yeah we did too.  Here is how we did it.

Southern Lights 2.png

Southern Lights 

Want to know how we managed to catch the Southern Lights anytime they were happening?

Green Lake Hut.png

Green Lake Hut 

Near Fiordland and looking to go off the beaten path? Green Lake Hut is a southern hidden gem in  the South Island of New Zealand. 

Must Have Apps.png

NZ Must Have Apps

Here is a list of Apps that we used religiously in New Zealand. In fact, we don't know how we would have got a long with out them. It wouldn't have been as smooth without these tools in our pocket. That is for sure.