Must Have Apps in New Zealand







Many people use the free app, CamperMate, but this app is made by the DOC. In our opinion, the DOC wants to usher people around and tell them where not and where to camp, for a fee. Usually, a $13pp/pn fee for a smelly overly used, abused, and neglected drop toilet. The wiki camps app is a user community based app, where people comment, rate, and create sites. We have found some pretty epic sites on wiki camps that are either free or low cost with better amenities than DOC sites. Since CamperMate is so huge here and those sites are usually trashed, disrespected, and overcrowded, we like to keep WikiCamps a secret and only tell people that we know are cool. Because we don't want a bunch of toilet paper and littering idiots ruining these awesome spots just because they found out about WikiCamps. But, if you are reading our blog, you must be pretty chill. So WikiCamp away!

McKeown Petrol 

Mckowen App.png

This is a petrol locator app for McKeown petrol and diesel stations, in the South Island. If you have a diesel, then this should be the first app you download. We have never paid more than $1.05 per liter once we found this app. The regular petrol is also substantially cheaper at these stations. Petrol will be your number one expense in NZ. So, it's good to save some dough whenever possible. 


iHike GPS NZ 




If you want to do some epic backcountry huts from to get away from the crowds of people, like we do. Then, this app will come in handy. It's a location based topographical map. You can download the entire North and South Island in 50 and 250 scale maps. They have most all huts and trails on the map. The app has a cursor that shows you which direction you are facing and where you are on the map. It is extremely accurate.  There have been countless times we have had to pull this app out to make sure we were on the trail, after the January showers washed away some of the trail markers. You can track your trail, live, or create waypoints in case you want to go rouge and camp at your own campsite. 






New Zealand is a lot of work, as it is very weather dependent. You will find yourself constantly checking the weather to make sure you don't drive a couple hours and find yourself staring at clouds, instead of epic mountains. This app has 3 and 5 day weather maps and radars and you can chose between locations. We supplement this app with googling the weather in the locations that we have our eye on as well.