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installing Cheap walls in a van

Here we get tounge and groovy with our walls in the VW. We show you how we install these walls and crush our wall budget with this method.

installing Flooring in a Van

Here we walk you thru how we installed a sub floor and insulation before attaching our flooring. That was the one thing we regreted on our first build, is no insulation under the floor.

Building SImple Cabinets in a Van

Here we show you a simple way to build cabinets in your van. While most people use cabinet grade plywood, we like to keep it light weight and cheap, but still shabby chic.

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How to build a small Van

Here we show you how we built our van for under $6,000, including the purchase of the van. We beak it down in sections to make it easier to follow along.

Simple Sink Set up in a small van

In this How-to, we show you how we turn an old 70s crock pot into a cute 70s sink. We show you how to set up running water for cheap and simple in your small van.

Electricity in a van Simplified

Here we show you how we installed a budget friendly electrical system for off-grid use. If you like the K-I-S-S method, this keeps it simple for sure!

Finished Product of the VW