Roy's Peak Overnight Camping

Roys Peak Camping, Wanaka, New Zealand

The track to Roy's Peak is just a very short drive, bike ride, or hitchhike from Wanaka town center.  The trail is a wide series of switchbacks all the way up to an amazing look-out.  This is a good place to take a break or even pitch a tent for the night.  From here the trail goes straight up, until you reach the Summit of Roy's Peak (3hr - Hard).  There are more options for camping once you reach the summit if you walk further along the trail.  Our plan was to see the sunrise, sunset, and night skies so we decided it would be best to carry in our camping gear.  The trail is not very exciting and is not easy on the ascent.  Carrying camping gear, plus camera equipment, doesn't make the trail any easier.  The morning view out of the tent window is worth every step and it was an amazing experience.  

There is only one overloaded drop toilet a few meters up the track, so please come prepared for #2's.  Camping here is prohibited.  So, camp at your own risk.  NZ is cracking down on "freedom camping" these days and Roys Peak is a controversial place to camp.   Staying here is frowned upon by the locals so please leave no trace so others can share this experience as well. 

In the busy season, expect people to be walking up basically all night.  Also, don't be surprised if you hear a group of young Germans boys bumping techno at 4am.  This is a very popular hike we headed up at around 5pm and had no problem finding an amazing campsite. Also we parked in the carpark at the trailhead and had no issues.  Whether you choose to do Roy's Peak for a day hike, a sunrise hike, or an over-nighter, it shouldn't be missed while in the Wanaka.  

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