Adding Overcab Storage - Phase 3.1

WriteThis is what we call the "attic." The headliner was a huge waste of space for us, we would rather have overhead storage than have room to stand up. Here is how we pulled it off! here…

3.2 Framing.jpg

Framing out Your Sprinter - Phase 3.2

Here, we talk about framing out your Sprinter to get it ready to build out. Reduce the rattling by reducing the amount of screws going into the metal.

3.3 Shoe Storage.jpg

Adding Slider Door Storage - Phase 3.3

Dani has a lot of shoes and clothes. No matter how much she downsizes, she still needs more space to organize her things. Utilizing all the dead space, even when it seems small and insignifigant, it always comes in clutch!