Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island

Phillip Island VIctoria

Before arriving to Melbourne, we knew there would be no options for surfing. And we aren't the biggest fans of hangin' out on beaches, in a bay, with no waves, nor coastal breezes. So, we decided to post up on the beaches of the Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island for a few days to get our fix before heading to Melbourne. 

Phillip Island

We headed to Phillip Island in hope to see some penguins on the Western tip.  We did see a few little penguins shacked up in their homes and waddling around so far away you had to imagine what they were doing.  We also saw about 200 asians getting dropped of in tour busses taking iPad pictures.  With that being said, we left the cold parking lot with a cloud of dust behind us.  

We then searched all around the island in search of swell.  We headed to Woolamai Beach and accidentally caught the most epic sunset we've ever experienced. There was absolutely no one on the beach or in the parking lot. So naturally, we busted a sneaky camp after watching the sun put on a show.  This is a good surf spot, as well, it's one of the better surfing options in the Melbourne area for all surfers.


Mornington Peninsula

The next morning we headed to the Mornington Peninsula just west of the Island.  This peninsula is pretty awesome.  You have the calm beaches on the Port Phillip Bay side and the surf of the back beaches on the pacific side.  There are tons of awesome walks on both sides of the peninsula.  The north end back beaches have a more rugged coast with lots of coves with cool rock formations and tidal and rock pools. The southern back beaches near St. Andrews offer more surfing options and classic sandy beaches.  The Port Phillip Beaches are the place to go for safer swimming/boating and to avoid the wind.  BBQs at Sorrento Park were provided and are a popular activity.  Make sure you enjoy a sunset over the ocean from the back beaches like Bridgewater Bay or another more off the beat cove. 

The Peninsula is your closest and best best other than Torquay for good surf and "real beaches" near Melbourne.