The Grampians is an amazing little National Park with tons of short hikes and plenty of camping options. It's an amazing park that you can tackle in just a few days.  If you're into exotic rock formations and picturesque lookouts then, we would highly recommend this awesome little park. 

We drove straight out of the Great Ocean Road, via Port Campbell, straight to the Grampians National Park. It was refreshing to go from dodging selfie sticks, to standing on mountain tops, in just under a few hours.  We stayed in this park for two days and were able to have an awesome experience. Here are a few tracks you should not miss if you visit this park.  

Mount William - More of a stroll than a hike, you basically drive to the top of this road then walk up a steep paved road to the summit.  It takes about 30 minutes to get to the top, but the views are well worth it.  

Grand Canyon - Another stroll in the park and probably the easiest stroll in the park. This 30 minute loop takes you through amazing rock formations in a slot canyon that looks other world like.  You can also access the Pinnacle lookout here, which is a rock formation that jets out from the cliffs over looking the valley.

The Balconies - By far our favorite rock formation in Australia.  If you go, you'll see why they call it the Balconies or the "Jaws of Death." We had actually used this area for a place to cook dinner while we waited for the crowds to die down for sunset.  Once the sun set, everyone leaves to head to their campsites. We packed up a few items and hung out on the balconies from sunset until the milky way graced us with yet another amazing star show.  Since it was so late, we ended up camping in the parking lot and catching an amazing sunrise at the balconies as well.

MacKenzie Falls - Once again, the Grampians delivers with another short amazing hike.  The walk to MacKenzie Falls is short and worth it.  Get there early in the morning, if you want it to yourself, because it's a major attraction of the area.    

There are plenty of other amazing hikes in the area and the park is currently working on a multi-day track that spans the entire park and it should be open by 2018.  The first half is already open if you wanted to hike to the first campsite and then back out the next day. Check at the i-center for more info. We highly recomend adding this park to your Aussie Bucket list.