Wilsons Prom

Wilsons Prom Victoria Australia

If you're traveling across the south coast, make WIlsons Promontory a mandatory stop.

The Prom, as referred to by the locals, was one of our favorite spots in Victoria.  We don't have tons of pictures from this amazing location mainly because we spent the entire time hiking and surfing.  

From amazing surf, awesome beaches, and even small mountains, The Prom reminded us of a small Tasmania.  We later found out that Tasmania actually broke off from The Prom.  So, this place has it all.  We weren't able to spend as much time here as we would have liked to but, it's one of the most beautiful national parks in Australia. Squeaky Beach is easily the most popular beach around the area. If you haven't heard the quartzy sand squeaky beneath your feet yet, then you could go with the crowd and check it out, but while everyone was there we were hanging out at Picnic Bay with hardly anyone but surfers. Most tourist that ended up at Squeaky Beach stop by Picnic Bay and walk to the vista and then move on. So this spot feels like you are all alone if you make the truck all the way to the beach. Whiskey Bay feels even more secluded. If you are looking to avoid the crowds, these are your beaches. 

If we could have gone back, we would have planned on backpacking on a few of the amazing trails. Most of the Prom is inaccessible by car, which is what makes it so special and unspoilt. From The Prom, you can access mainland Australia's most southern point, by foot.  We had just gone on a hunch for surf and we were blown away by it's beauty and remoteness. 

Although The Prom can be one of the windiest places in Australia, on a beautiful sunny day, The Prom is a place not to be missed by any traveler on a Austrialian Road trip. The crystal blue waters and surrounding island landscape will leave imprints in your memory forever.