Golden Gate National Recreation Area

We set off with very talented videographer Benton Inscoe to capture footage from around the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for his piece "A Day in the Bay"  just outside of San Francisco.  This is footage all shot in San Francisco and the Golden Gate NRA.  From secluded beaches, amazing headlands, redwood forest, and the amazing views of San Francisco we can see why this is one of the most used public spaces in the country. 

Our top 5  favorite spots in this area are

  1. Marin Headlands

  2. Bolinas Beach

  3. Palomarin Trails

  4. Muir Woods

  5. Mount Tamalpais

Photo taken from Marin Headlands in the Golden Gate NRA

Photo taken from Marin Headlands in the Golden Gate NRA

Seattle Time Lapse Footage

We have been sitting on this footage for quite a while and had just recently had enough time to sit down and get serious about finishing a few projects.  Living on the road and working out of your vehicle makes it a bit difficult to buckle down and work on your passion projects.  

Some of our favorite spots in Seattle for photography are

Space Needle and Seattle from Kerry Park

Space Needle and Seattle from Kerry Park

  1. Kerry Park

  2. Jose Rizal Bridge

  3. Seward Park

  4. West Seattle

  5. All along the Puget Sound

  6. Pikes Place Market

  7. Gas Works Park

  8. Downtown

  9. The Waterfront

  10. University of Washington

North Shore Hawaii

In January 2014 Benton Inscoe and I had the chance to go out and film with Kadin and Brogie Panesi on Oahu's North Shore. It was an epic time, to say the least.  The waves were absolutely pumping. We shot more people getting blown out of perfect pipeline tubes than we could have ever hoped for.

Upon arrival, we got tossed straight into the scene at Jimbo's, aka "Hail Yeah's," compound.  Jimbo is one of the North Shore's unsung heroes.  Originally from Texas, he abandoned a promising baseball career to become a surfer, and has been on the North Shore ever since. The scene at Jimbo's is so classic. It's basically an underground surf hostel, hosting big wave addicts from all over the globe.

 Jimbo's spot, AKA "Tha Dog Pound" has probably  about 60 surf boards inside of it, most of which were shaped by him.  Today, Jimbo is the only person in the world still shaping hollow boards out of solid Koa wood.  These boards are beautiful pieces of art and we were fortunate to witness a small part of the process. The finished products are purchased for up to $20,000 by surfing enthusiasts (or wannabe enthusiasts) from all over the world (including the Prince of Morocco).  We filmed a few clips of Jimbo working on his boards and included them in the edit.

It was a pretty surreal experience to finally experience the North Shore after so many years of it only being an abstract idea in our heads. We were blown away by the hospitality of Jimbo and the other guys we met at the Dog Pound. This was our first trip to Hawaii and definitely won't be our last.  We made some great friends, found new inspiration, and made some great connections that will hopefully lead to some more fun projects.

Santa Fe's Aspen Vista

If you are able to be in Santa Fe in the autumn then you are in for a treat.  The Santa Fe National Forest has one of the largest Aspen Tree arrays in the Southwest.  Grab your camera and head up Hwy 475.  There are plenty of roadside stopovers and trails.  I recommend the Tesuque Creek Trail right above the Aspen Vista Picnic Area.