Phase 9.1: Tires

off road sprinter tires

One of the first things we noticed about the van was the state of the tires when we bought them. We knew we had to get new tires ASAP. Since that time was in the middle of winter, and because we knew that we did want to go boon docking, off sealed roads on BLM and National Forest land, we knew that we wanted some tires that handled well in weather and off road capabilities. We went to Firestone to check some out because we’ve had some pretty patient and knowledgable people sometimes, but we must have been there on a busy day because they just gave us a price sheet and let us walk out the door. 

From there, I went to Discount Tire, I told him what we planned on using the vehicle for and how much driving we would do. He went over a few tires with me. One of them was the current tire that was on the van. The previous owner was pretty stoked on them, Mitchellen Defenders. They were great for highway driving. Better on the gas mileage and supposedly quieter and smoother ride. But, their tread wasn’t as aggressive and we knew we were gonna be on bumpy unmaintained dirt roads. 

He recommended the BF Goodrich KO2 All Terrain tire 245/75R16  It is a great all weather and all terrain tire and seemed to fit what I was going for. He said they might be a louder ride, but I don’t hear it. 

Over all, we are pretty stoked on the ride so far and we have probably driven more dirt roads than paved roads. They’ve really preformed.