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The Burr Trail

Buckle up, stock up, and fill up for an off the beaten path in Southern Utah. You can drive for miles down this trail and not see a single person. So come prepared with plenty of radical self reliance off grid living.


Zion National Park

Holy smokes. This place is beyond epic. It's like a desert Yosemite. If you are in Southern Utah, do not miss this place. Check out what we had to say in our LA to Durango Road trip!


Bryce Canyon

Just when you think Utah has blown your mind to bits, Bryce Canyon goes and turns it into dust. Standing on the edge of this canyon was insane and then walking down and thru it, makes you just giddy about how crazy the earth is. Check this place out!


Capitol Reef NP

If you are in the Lake Powell area, don't over look this spot either. If you can't tell, we love Southern Utah. Secret slot canyons and crazy layered mountains.


Monument Valley Overlook Camping

This was one of most incredible campsites we experienced on our LA to Durango Tour. We found a free EPIC campsite at Muley Point, overlooking the San Juan Goose Necks and Monument Valley off in the distance.

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Slot Canyons, Arches & Waterfalls, oh my!

Utah is known for it’s slot canyons. For the lack of water found in Utah, it is hard to believe that this magnificent landscape was created by water. Read on to see some of our favorite and easily reachable vistas in Utah!

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The Narrows:

Spring vs. Summer

The Narrows,  in Zion National Park, is one of the most well known and visited slot canyon hikes in ZNP. Is it a seasonal hike? Find out the differences we found between the seasons. Find out what clothes you need to hike the narrows and more.